Friday, September 13, 2013

Hyde Park hotel will open Tuesday

Had a lovely stroll through the unopened Harper Court.

Hotel sign

Hotel lobby and snack bar

Hotel pool

Ja'grill has signs up

Porkchop too


The view old Lake PARK

Still not sure it's what I was waiting for but it is interesting.




Saturday, August 24, 2013

Commuting in Hyde Park

One of the great delights of life in the city is the ability to avoid acres of concrete and hours a day of exhaust and exasperating traffic. 

My commute to work cuts through Jackson Park.
Down Stony Island past the museum...

Watching the Early Child Learning Center replace Doctors' Hospital...and the glass is already shattering before a child gets near it...

And stately Vista Homes in somewhat lonely splendor

To the Perennial Garden where the Women's Building was during the Fair...

And the Midway, where the ducks sometimes paddle.

It's a rough commute but someone has to do it.